TONIE learns to live with depression in their latest synth pop single “if i took a pill”

About “if i took a pill”

Dark synth pop textures, intimate desperate vocals, and cut to the bone lyrics define TONIE’s latest single about the complexities of depression.

Growing up, TONIE was never taught how to validate their mental health. Struggles with depression were seen as something to shrug off and overcome through one’s willpower.

However, as TONIE got older they realized that seeking help through therapy and antidepressants are a sign of strength not weakness. This single is about working through their fears of how seeking help will change them as a person: “will I act different around my friends?/will things get better?”

Through “if i took a pill”, TONIE hopes to open up the conversation and humanize the experience of seeking mental health resources.


TONIE is doing their very best to make you cry in the deepest ways.

The LA-native writes and produces each synth-pop track from the comfort of their skylit home studio in Brooklyn, NY — a perfect backdrop for the emotional vulnerability that colors their lyrics.

They have been featured on Spotify’s “New From NYC: Pop” playlist and publications, such as Buzz Music: LA, Mobangeles, and The Music Bugle.

During live shows, TONIE dives deep into moments from their life that inspire them and the stories behind their music. They hope that through vulnerability, listeners will experience catharsis and feel empowered to share their feelings too.

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“[TONIE] has created a perfect, balanced blend of fear-infused lyricism”

Rock Era Magazine 2022

“[TONIE] pierces the listener’s soul with his instant likeability. . . [their] music bed has sophisticated and far-reaching levels.”

Mobangeles 2020

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