TONIE’s Latest Single: “believe”

a song for when you need a good cry

What do you when one person is holding onto nostalgia and the other is tearing it all down? “believe” is a driving synth pop song with an anthemic chorus begging the universe for a sign to believe in love in the wake of an imminent breakup. TONIE and Kayee show two sides of a toxic split: TONIE looking back fondly on their dates in Chinatown under neon lights holding hands; Kayee revealing how her partner undermines her self confidence and gaslights her. 

TONIE is doing their very best to help you feel comfortable in your own skin

The LA-native writes and produces each synth-pop track from the comfort of their skylit home studio in Brooklyn, NY — a perfect backdrop for the emotional vulnerability that colors their lyrics.

They have been featured on Spotify’s “New From NYC: Pop” playlist and publications, such as Buzz Music: LA, Mobangeles, and The Music Bugle.

During live shows, TONIE dives deep into moments from their life that inspire them and the stories behind their music. They hope that through their combination of vulnerability and bombastic energy, listeners will experience catharsis and feel empowered to embrace who they are fully, without holding back.